Delight Tiffin / Lunch Box with Bag / Stainless Steel Inside Lunch Box

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Delight Lunch Box

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Delight Tiffin / Lunch Box Stainless Steel Bowl are Provided With Airtight Plastic Heat Resistant Lid Which Prevents The Leakage Of Liquids Partition Between Bowls And Glass, Stainless Steel Glass With Locking Lid For Liquids Drinks Lunch Box with 3 Push-up Air Tight & Leak Proof Containers, 3 Bowl for Carry rice, chapatis and curry in the containers and 1 Bag. Stylish Lunch Set this Delight lunch box set is stylish and easy to carry to your office. It comes with a Black bag that looks trendy and attractive. This set of Atman meal combo lunch box set comes with leak-proof lids which minimise the chances of spillage. The lids have a corner which juts out of the frame to allow easy opening of the containers - Easy to use - Made in INDIA

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