Carry Stainless Steel 2-Section Lunch Box - Airtight Lid, 3-Compartment (Pack 1)

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Carry 2 Section Lunch Box

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The Carry Lunch Box is Premium Quality Lunch Box, Leak-Proof Design: The stainless-steel inner containers are designed with tight-fitting lids, ensuring that each compartment remains securely sealed and leak-proof. This feature prevents any liquids or sauces from spilling and keeps your food fresh.Dual Compartments: The lunch box features three compartments, allowing you to pack different types of food separately. This is particularly useful for keeping your meal components organized and preventing mixing or leaking.Material: The inner containers are constructed with high-quality food-grade stainless steel, which is known for its durability, corrosion resistance, and non-reactivity with food. The outer shell is made of sturdy plastic, providing additional protection and insulation.Easy to Clean: The stainless-steel inner compartments are easy to clean and maintain, thanks to their smooth surface and non-stick properties.Health and Safety: The use of food-grade stainless steel ensures that your food is safe and free from harmful chemicals, as stainless steel is non-toxic and resistant to bacterial growth. It is a reliable choice for carrying your meals without any health concerns. (Pack of 1) (Color: New Green) - MADE IN INDIA

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